Welcome to D*lish! That's me.

Hi. I'm Casey.

My two favorite things in life are food and my dogs. Bananagrams and Harry Potter are also high on the list. I'm originally from Atlanta, but I'm currently living in Chicago. I graduated from Northwestern University in 2011 with a degree in Psychology and work at a human resources consulting firm.

Inspired by the amazing women behind Bakerella and The Italian Dish, I started D*lish in October 2010 as a way to chronicle my adventures (and misadventures) in the kitchen. As someone in her mid-twenties with a lot going on, I know that cooking for yourself as a 20-something can be a headache. Finding the time, energy, space and resources isn't always easy, but I've managed to make it work. Even with the busy schedule of a student or a working 20-something, it's still possible to cook for yourself and have fun doing it. My hope is that this blog will encourage other young people to get in the kitchen and start cooking.

As an avid food lover, most of my free time spent outside the kitchen is spent in restaurants trying other people's culinary creations, which brings me to the second purpose of D*lish: to share my musings on restaurants. If you live in the Chicago area or are considering a visit, head on over to my Chicago Restaurant Guide page for some recommendations. 

If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at caseyenorthATgmailDOTcom. Follow me on Twitter @idratherbeating, check out my photos on Instagram @missnortho, or browse my Pinterest boards here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dedicated to my mom, for instilling a love of baking in me from the beginning, and to my aunt Ginny, for always supporting my cooking and blogging endeavors.

Also a special thanks to my sister Shelby who has helped me make the blog what it is today.