Friday, December 2, 2011

Recipe of the Week: Hot Chocolate Cake

Source: Tasting Table

This week's selection for Recipe of the Week comes to us from Clinton Woods of The Arrogant Butcher in Phoenix (via Tasting Table). Ever since I spotted this recipe for hot chocolate cake, I've been counting down the minutes until the weekend when I can give it a shot.

I love the idea of using hot chocolate mix to give the cake a rich and comforting flavor. I imagine biting into a piece and being transported back to the ski trips and snow days of my childhood, when hot chocolate breaks were a cherished treat. The use of olive oil is also unusual and intriguing, although not unheard of.

Also, I love food served in Mason jars, so I'm just as excited about the presentation of the dessert as I am about the recipe.

This dish would make a great finale for a holiday dinner party. Throw a mini candy cane or some red and green M&Ms on the top and you've got a dessert that's warm, comforting and festive to boot.

Source: Clinton Woods via Tasting Table

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