Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recipe of the Week: Moroccan Lentil Soup

Source: Big Girls Small Kitchen

One of my favorite things about cooking in the fall/winter is soups. When September hits and Chicago transitions from dress to sweater weather, I begin to look forward to that first really cold, windy day when I can finally whip up a big pot of soup.

Soups are great for a lot of different reasons. In general, they are inexpensive, portable and keep well, which means one or two hours of work and you're set for the week. Also, they are usually pretty nutritious, and with a few small modifications you can make them lighter and healthier or heavier and heartier, depending on what you're in the mood for.

During soup season, I try to experiment with a new variety each week. I recently tried this amazing lentil soup recipe from BGSK, and it was love at first bite. I made two batches (each batch feeds 4) in the span of a week, and had to force myself to try something different instead of move on to round 3.

The soup in incredibly flavorful, nutritious, and surprisingly filling for how light it is. Added bonus: the combination of aromatic spices will make your kitchen smell amazing. I made a few small modifications that I think really amped the dish up: I added in about half a package of sliced mushrooms with the onion and carrot, threw in some garam marsala and ground coriander with the other spices, and put about 2 tsps of harissa in with the tomato paste. 

If you're into soups and/or Moroccan flavors, I highly recommend you give this dish a try!

Source: Big Girls Small Kitchen

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