Monday, July 25, 2011

Recipe of the Week: Provençal Baked Chicken

Source: In the Small Kitchen

A couple of my friends came to visit recently, and in honor of their last night I cooked dinner for everyone. For our main dish, I made this provençal baked chicken from In the Small Kitchen, a cookbook by the authors of Big Girls Small Kitchen, an amazing blog for quarter life cooks. Since the dish graces the cover of the book, I figured it must be good. I was dead on– the chicken was stellar. Kalamata olives, dried figs, oregano, tomatoes, garlic and parsley come together to give the dish a great Mediterranean flavor.

The chicken is baked skin on in a bath of white wine, olive oil and red wine vinegar, which not only keeps it moist and tender, but also makes for plenty of amazing sauce to pass around with the chicken. It's an impressive looking dish that isn't overly complicated to make, perfect for a dinner party.

Can't wait to make this dish again and take some pictures for a recipe post!

Source: In the Small Kitchen


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    1. So nice and look so yummy, I try this at home
      Thank for share

  2. Ingredients will fill slow cooker to the top, however, as the lasagna cooks the fresh vegetables shrink down.

  3. So nice and look so yummy, I try this at home

  4. So nice and look so yummy, I try this at home